This is the course blog for ED628, Computer Applications for Educators, at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.  There will be course announcements, PowerPoint Slides, and resources posted here.

Course Overview

Technological advancements have been occurring at a dizzying pace, and our schools struggle to keep up.  Educators are increasingly expected to use technology in their work, both in their lessons and activities and in their own professional development and learning.  These trends come from personal interests, economic and social expectations, and policy mandates.  A great deal can be gained in education from the use of technology, and this course seeks to help educators develop a reflective and mindful approach to considering and expanding their practice with technology.  This will happen through interactions with technology tools and applications, experts and innovators in the field, and peers enrolled in the course.

Course Understanding Goals

This course seeks to nurture the following skills, attitudes, and approaches in educators concerning the role of technology in education:

  • The confidence to “mess about” with technology applications in education and the self-awareness to acknowledge when to ask for help;
  • Facility and skill with specific applications and classes of applications;
  • A recognition of the ways in which the learning experience changes with technology applications;
  • A mindful responsiveness to the pedagogical, curricular, political, social, and economic influences on educational technology;
  • The critical faculties to evaluate the role of technology applications in education in general and the use of specific technology applications in specific lessons and activities;
  • The ability to cogently and strategically discuss and frame technology applications in education for a variety of audiences, including (but not limited to) students, administrators, parents, and other teachers.

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