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Sharing Your VoiceThread

When you upload your slides to VoiceThread, you need to set it in such a way that I can view it.  Here are the steps you can follow to make sure that I can see it.

  1. If you haven’t uploaded your slides yet, skip this step. If you have already uploaded your slides, go to and click on “MyVoice.”  Now click on the “Menu” button (or the gear icon) on your uploaded presentation, and then click on “Edit.”  This will bring you back to the screen where you uploaded the slides.
  2. Once you have uploaded your slides (or gotten back to this upload/edit screen), click on the “Publishing Options” button (see screen shot below).VT-pub-options.PNG
  3. On the screen that appears (see screen shot below), make sure the option for “Allow anyone to View?” is checked with a green mark.  If you’d like some feedback from me (not necessary, I can send you a quick e-mail instead), make sure that “Allow anyone to Comment?” is also checked with a green mark.  If you don’t want random people visiting it, make sure there is no green check mark next to “Show on Browse page?”  Click on “Save.”
  4. You can send me the link either by copying the link and e-mailing it to me or inviting me through VoiceThread to view it.

If you have any questions, please Please PLEASE let me know.

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Homework for Session 2

Besides the reading, please fill out the form at:

It is the same form as the one we filled out in class. For the VoiceThread next week, I’m going to ask you how you felt about filling out the form on paper versus online.

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